Transparent ownership

Transparency is not just a buzzword to us. We believe that an honest, up-front representation of relative company ownership provides symmetric information to current and future employees. We're proud of the people who make Seneca Systems who it is.

Below is a chart of our current ownership structure. It shows fully-diluted ownership — taking into account all forms of equity as if they had fully vested, including SAFEs as if they converted at their valuation cap.

The percentages are rounded to the hundredths, so may not add up to exactly 100%. We assure you the acutal shares do.

Note: This information is published solely for the purpose of increasing transparency in Seneca System's ownership structure. This information is not provided in association with any fundraising or other effort to sell or dispose of securities. As such, nothing contained here should be construed as an offer to sell securities.

We are particularly interested in the balance between employees, investors, and founders over time. Every current and prospective employee and investor should feel comfortable asking questions about this balance and its effect on our mission.

Lastly, this may not be exactly accurate. Because of they way that convertible notes work, those shares have not yet converted or been issued. For these calculations, we are essentially assuming that we IPO at a valuation above the highest cap, with an offering of zero shares. tl;dr, don't use this for anything other than looking at relative ownership, and even then, it's a guesstimate.