Work Worth Doing

Product Marketing Manager

Seneca Systems is looking for a passionate and creative marketer to amplify our impact. As an early member of the team, you will be afforded significant autonomy, equity, and room to grow with the company. We are driven by our values to build incredible software that runs local governments.

You are looking for:

  • A Phenomenal Growth Opportunity

    You want to grow alongside an incredible business. We focus on high-potential individuals and give them the autonomy, support, and resources to reach their potential. You only invest yourself in causes you believe in—to make the world a better place and yourself a better person.

    In your career, you are looking for unique and challenging opportunities. As the first member of the marketing team at Seneca Systems, you will be shaping the go-to-market strategy for an untapped behemoth of a market: local governments. You will work directly with the product and sales team, as well as with the CEO, to shape the future of Seneca Systems.

  • Leadership As Invested In Your Success As You Are

    We actively structure the company to benefit our employees, our customers, and our mission; even (and especially) when that means giving up control to our employees.

    We don’t just talk about the positive benefits of transparency, we post our salaries to encourage fair pay and open source our employee handbook.

    We don’t just talk about taking a long-term view of building a company, we take time to rethink our product to better fit our customers needs — even if that means not shipping features for another week.

  • Work That Actually Matters

    You’re sick of hearing about how revolutionary SnapChat is or how a sock company is “build[ing] a new platform to tell the stories that deserve to be heard.”

    Seneca Systems is rekindling passion for public service for tens of millions of government employees and the billions of constituents they represent. We aim to be proud of what we have built ten, twenty, and one hundred years from now. We focus on people, both internal and external to the company.

  • A Passionate Team With a Long Term Vision

    We wholeheartedly believe in what we are doing. We understand that building the software foundation for representative democracy isn’t a problem that everyone is interested in and that’s okay. We’re looking for passionate individuals who love being surrounded by similarly dedicated peers, who want to push themselves and their team to be better human beings.

    Seneca Systems is structured to make a lasting impact on democracy by building the software platform for public service. We are more interested in what our children will think two decades from now than anything in TechCrunch or ProductHunt. Our team could work anywhere they wanted, and do.

Your Day-To-Day Will Look Like:

  • Develop product positioning, messaging, and company voice that attracts and converts prospects and leads. We have a greenfield opportunity to be the iconic company for government technology
  • Develop a deep understanding of our target customer and the market, e.g. buyer personas that provide structure and insight for the company
  • Build out strategy and tactics and manage go-to-market for all new products and features
  • Partner with sales team to develop sales support programs, e.g. customer segmentation and profiles, pricing, competitive positioning
  • Ensure on-brand storytelling and copywriting for products across all marketing, content, and social media
  • Creating content to educate millions of government employees about the power of cloud software.

Candidate Sketch

  • 4+ years of experience in marketing
  • Excellent communicator: speaking, writing, and presenting.
  • Ambitious, creative, and self-motivated. You're not afraid to push boundaries to do the right thing. You're comfortable with experimentation.
  • Empathetic. You care about people and want to learn how you can help them.
  • Self-aware. You want to get better, which sometimes means identifying areas of weakness.


Salary: $90,000

Equity: 75,000 share option grant (currently about 0.68% of the company)

Benefits: Health/dental/vision insurance, $500/yr charity matching, 401k, and more.


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